Rar Password Unlocker For Android, Windows Free

Hello buddy, have you forgot your rar password or do you wanna find the password of the rar file? Then I hope this article definitely help you. By using rar password unlocker for Android, Windows App, you can unlock rar file easily. You might add a password to your rar files to secure personal content from others, but in your busy life or in the hurry you might forget the password of the rar file. Cracking a password of the rar file is not a big problem, so need to worry you can do it in simple steps.

As you know buddy, to crack the password of the rar file you need rar password unlocker. You need to download free rar password unlocker or paid one. There are many password unlockers available on the internet; they may be free or paid. Here I’m gonna show how to unlock a password of the rar file using unlocker. I’m listing best android and windows rar password unlockers.

Rar password Unlocker

Archidroid to unlock password protected rar on android

Archidroid is one of the popular rar password unlockers for android devices. Using this app, we can unpack encrypted RAR(password protected) archives. We can simply create encrypted archives.Download Archidroid from google play store

Download Now

Keylack rar password unlocker for windows PC

Keylack is the best password unlocker, you can download this from the official website of keylack. The program has a convenient user interface. It supports all versions including v3.x and v4.x rar files. It also supports with encrypted rar file names. This is also supports three methods of attacks Brute-Force, Brute-force with a mask, Dictionary-based attack. It has the best feature that auto save password search state and it can resume after stop or crash occurs. The maximum length of the password is unlimited.
Now, steps to use keylack unlocker for PC.
Step 1: Download unlocker from the internet for free trial or paid. Free trial version only supports up to 3 characters of the password. You can download keylack from below link.

Download Now

Step 2: Install downloaded file and open it.

Step 3: Browse the file which needs to be unlocked and then select the type of method to proceed.

Step 4: Click start button to initiate the process of unlocking. It will take several minutes to complete in the middle of the process you can pause and resume it.
Step 5: After completion of the process a pop-up window will be opened with the password of the file.

Password Unlocker rar password unlocker for PC

Password Unlocker is one of the best rar password unlockers, now I will tell you how to use this.
Download Password Unlocker from their official website and the link given below. You can use it as free trial version after that need to purchase. It has the 30-day money back guarantee. The best feature of this recovery tool is that it can recover RAR password at high speed using 3 types of attacks those are Brute-force method, Brute-force with user-defined Mask and Dictionary method. It saves password recovery process automatically and shut down your computer automatically after completion of the recovery process.

Download Now

Step 1: Install downloaded file and open it, then you will see below window
Step 2: Select password containing file or search using search encrypted rar option available on password unlocker tool.
Step3: Now start recovery using any of 3 methods. That’s it you will get your password after completion of recovery.

Bottom Line: Actually unlocking password protected rar file is somewhat difficult and time-consuming process. Anyway, these rar password unlockers might help you.

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