Mozilla Firefox update: How to update Mozilla Firefox?

Mozilla Firefox is a best and free open source web browser. Firefox is well known for its speed, best user interface and with more customization options. With Firefox we can have great control on it, the update process can be our choice if we want we can use previous version else we can update it whereas some other browsers automatically update on the background. Now nearly 20% of worldwide net surfers using Firefox as a desktop web browser.

Firefox is available for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and Android. Firefox is available on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices with iOS 8 and above in some countries only. Now I’m going to tell you the process of Mozilla Firefox update. If already have installed Firefox on your device and want to update it then follow steps else download Firefox from this link you will automatically get a new version of Firefox, so no need to update.

Mozilla Firefox update is too simple to process no needs of any huge manual just follow simple steps.

How to update Firefox?

Note: You need an internet connection to update your Mozilla Firefox.

Step 1: To update your Mozilla Firefox at very first open your Firefox browser

Step 2: Look at the top right corner of you Mozilla Firefox there you may notice a bundle like a symbol with three simple horizontal bars or we can say it Menu option. Now click on that Menu icon then a window or popup will be opened.

Step 3: On that pop up if see at very below after customizing option you can see a symbol of “?” if you hover it will say Open help Menu then open it.

Step 4: From the list of help menu we can notice About Firefox option at last position. Open About Firefox.

Step 5: After selecting About Firefox option and About Mozilla Firefox window will be opened. There you can notice Check for updates button and click on it. If any latest versions or any updates available for Firefox they will be automatically updated.

Step 6: If you are using a very old version and don’t have Menu icon at top right corner then you can directly open Help option from the menu bar.

Step 7: At that help menu selects About Firefox option same as we did before and update Firefox that’s it you are done.

Step 8: Now again click Check for Updates then you can see a message that says that your Firefox is up to date. That means you have successfully completed Mozilla Firefox update process.

If you want to use simply shortcuts then hold Alt and H help menu will be opened. Now just press A from keyboard then About Firefox window will be opened. Finally just press Enter Firefox will be updated or it shows your Firefox is up to date.

I hope this article quickly guided you with Mozilla Firefox update process. Now update and explore new features available via Mozilla Firefox.

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