Easeus Todo backup free for Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP

Easeus Todo backup free for Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP download. Data loss can be a commonly happening event on computers. Data can be lost by mistake or by children activities. We can able to restore lost data by some software programs.

We can get a lot of backup programs on the internet. Some programs have unique features and better easeus-todo-backup-freefunctionality. Easeus Todo backup free software belongs to this category. This is most popular and free backup software available on the internet now. Easeus Todo backup free software is a comprehensive backup tool.


Backup refers to the copying and archiving of our PC data for restoring original data if data loss occurs. Backup can be done after data loss or after deletion by mistake or corruption. The process of copying or archiving data will happen before sending data to their storage location. There are the different type of procedures to backup data such as compressing data, encrypting and De-duplication among others. Easeus Todo backup free software has some great features.

easeus-todo-backup-free download

Protecting full system can allow us to back up our device when data loss or disaster occurs. This backup software has a great feature that is disk imaging, with this we can quickly and efficiently back up our entire disk. This is a speed process because it deals only with blocks rather than an intact file. We can simply backup single, specific files, folders, and shared ones. This back tool has some other backup features such as incremental backup, schedule backup, and differential backup.

Using this backup tool we can transfer system to another hard disk for disk replacement. Another best feature is creating an emergency disk for restoring in emergency situations. Todo backup requires no reboot after installation. It supports latest HDD standards.

This is the best reliable backup and recovery software with great functionality and greater user required features. It has the great user interface.

Easeus Todo backup software compatible with windows platform and is compatible with windows 10/8/7/XP of 32 or 64 bit. It supports different types of disks such as MBR, GTP disk, UEFI boot etc. It can backup @ restore hard disk more than 4 TB. This tool endorses different languages. We can select compression level whether high or low level to keep the backup in our system as small as possible. Quick repair or restore of a single file, folders and volume can be done with this awesome backup tool.

Steps to use Todo backup software

Step 1: Download and install Easeus Todo backup software from below link

Download Now

 Step 2: After installation completes we will get a Todo icon on our desktop, click that to open to do. It will ask for the license then if you want you can buy a new one for extra features or you may continue with the free license.

Step 3: You can see different types of backup option on your screen. we can select a type of backup we need and proceed further.

Step 4: After completion of backup procedure, you will see backup file on your Todo screen with its plan name. We can recover our data using this link whenever data loss happens.

Cloning drive is simple with this tool. Select clone option from the menu and proceed further.


Using tools option on your Todo we can easily create an emergency disk, check image, wipe data, enable PreOS and mount or unmount.


Great software for PC using windows to backup in different types. We can easily clone our disk using this Easeus Todo backup free software. I recommend this to save ourselves when data loss occurs. Download and install Easeus Todo backup free software from it’s official website and enjoy.

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