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Playing Brain teasing puzzles is too much fun and it improves our thinking capability. Brain Dots is a new puzzle game which was released on July 6 and got huge popularity. Downloads of Brain Dots already reached 10 million so, you can imagine the greatness of this Brain teasing puzzle. You might have played so many puzzles but, I can say that never played a game like this. You can download and use this game for free. Now you can check how strong your imagination power is with this Brain teaser. Brain Dots was developed by Translimit inc.

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Main concept of Brain Dots is simple in this player presented with two balls one is blue and another one is pink. The goal is to get those two balls to bump each other by drawing lines and shapes your finger. The balls will be from specific distance to each other draw a line to hit each other. In the starting stages tutorial will help you to understand the game after that game totally depends on your thinking. You can pens using pencil and different colored pens. You can proudly share your achievements and walkthrough’s via social media. There can be many obstacles to keep those little dots apart. Some areas are chained off there we might not able to draw and there might be a laser to shut us down.

After reaching certain levels we can able to purchase or certain pens are available to us to purchase with the currency we have already earned by passing several levels. Brain Dots is available in several languages such as English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Spanish, French, Hindi, Russian, Thai, Indonesian and more. While playing Brain Dots your brain abilities will be tested in every level. Actually Brain Dots was continuing after another game called Brain Wars. Everything is depends on your logical thinking and concentration of your mind. I suggest this game to all type of people with all ages. By playing this puzzle game children’s can grow intellectually.

Play Brain Dots on PC

With help of some emulators we can use Brain Dots on our PC for example Bluestacks is an emulator which is used open android apps on PC. iPadian is an another example which enable us to use iOS apps on Windows PC. So, use any of the above given emulator to use Brain Dots on PC. Improve your imagination and thinking capabilities. I know after using application or puzzle you will definitely appreciate it that’s the strength of it.

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Now, download Brain Dots Game for your device using below links

Brain Dots puzzle for Android devices

Download Now

Brain Dots puzzle for iOS devices

Download Now

I hope you will definitely enjoy this app. You will wonder of your thinking capabilities after playing this game they are so many cheats, hints and tricks available on internet to complete some difficult levels but, do not use them please try to solve each level with your own thoughts then you will be benefited with this awesome Brain teaser app.

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