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Are you want sharpen your vocabulary by playing games? Here we will look up one extraordinary game called AlphaBetty Saga. AlphaBetty Saga Game is developed by the maker of Candy Crush Soda Saga and Farm Heroes Saga. It was released by King. It is the most popular game on iOS, Fire OS, Android, Windows and Facebook in recent days. It is a fun twist boggle, word search and minds game to find words. It is officially available on Facebook, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android and Amazon. Here I’ll let you know about AlphaBetty Saga Cheats, AlphaBetty Saga APK, How to Play AlphaBetty Saga on Facebook, How to download it for any device, How to Play AlphaBetty Saga Levels, AlphaBetty for Windows PC, MAC and AlphaBetty Saga Wiki.

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AlphaBetty Game – Play Now

About AlphaBetty Saga Game/ AlphaBetty Saga App

The AlphaBetty Saga app/game is a mix of Boggle, Candy Crush games. Boggle is a word game designed to find words in sequences of adjacent letters and Candy crush a match three puzzle game. You need find letters, connecting three or more to form a viable word. There we need to remove objects from a board to move something up or down the screen. As you progress you’ll unlock a variety of power ups, special features and the option to spend real money on the game. It will take you to different worlds of adventure to collect new words. You have to complete the tasks for each level as you link letters. The game’s story follows Betty, her grandfather, Professor Alpha, and his assistant, Barney on a journey.

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It is free to download, but like similar games, there are in-app purchases that push users to spend real world money on in-game items.

AlphaBetty Saga App/Game Cheats, Hacks & Wiki – how to play alphabetty saga

Gameplay is similar to any other word games like Zynga’s Words on Tour and RockYou’s Words of Wonder. In the game we actually need to drag or move across a word if the word is meaningful then those letters or alphabets which are in the word will be disappears from the screen. Similar to other games this too has several levels with different type of goals. A goal can be getting required points or clearing tiles those are trapped in bubbles. Similar to candy crush we can also see power ups in this game too. These power ups will be activated upon our letters usage. If the given arrangement of letters or alphabets is not very helpful then we can go with shuffle button. Golden tiles double the word value. Crowns can be helpful any game mode. Create 5 letter words to get Lineblasters. Vertical Lineblasters are very useful in cheese fall mode. Use Lineblasters to remove most blockers. Levels will become more complicated over time. By collecting stars we can see get artifacts which can help us our journey.

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If we fail to complete the given level at given moves then we will lose a life. We can also send free lives to beloved buddies.

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AlphaBetty Saga Game- Example

Download AlphaBetty Saga App/Game for iOS, Android, Facebook and Web

AlphaBetty Saga is available in Facebook apps and it is available for iOS and android too. You can download it from iTunes store, Google play and Amazon store for your mobile devices. From below link you can download.

Download for Android, iOS, and Amazon

If you want to play AlphaBetty saga via Facebook apps then this is the link.

AlphaBetty Saga on Facebook

You can also play at King‘s Website: Use this Link

Play Web version of AlphaBetty Saga

Playing AlphaBetty saga on our computer or laptop with web version is too awesome. Playing mobile app game on huge screen makes us even more addicted. To play web version of AlphaBetty saga we need visit or visit after that on your browser screen you may notice play now option there we can see king icon click on it. AlphaBetty saga will be directly opened now you can play happily if you want to save your progress while playing on web, for that we need to login to our existing king account.

Download AlphaBetty Saga app for Windows PC and MAC

Step 1: Before going to install AlphaBetty saga first you need to install any android emulator on device. Using Android emulator is quit easy and comfort than bootable OS. So you need to install Android emulator. There are many Android emulators are available like BlueStacksYouwave and Windroy emulators. I recommended to use BlueStacks for better performance. So you can run any mobile Android applications on your PC with this tool. I had already shared a tutorial on BlueStacks.

Step 2: Open BlueStacks and search for AlphaBetty Saga. Click on INSTALL button.


Step 3: Download it from this link: AlphaBetty saga APK. Double click on the downloaded APK file. It will automatically open in the BlueStacks App Player.

Step 4: That’s it guys.

Conclusion: I hope this article about AlphaBetty saga app/game helped you a lot. Now you can download and play AlphaBetty saga happily.

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