2048 Game Tips And Tricks

    2048 game is a mind cracking and most popular game available for Smart phones like Android, iPhone and windows phones. This game is about getting the 2048 numbered tile by using the tile provided by the game and combining the same sized title to get sum of them.The game will continue until tiles can move and has no time limit.

2048 game tips

  Features Of 2048:

  • Available for all languages in the world.
  • This will support for landscape view for better view.
  • We can control speed with animation speed.
  • Provides Sound for better interaction.
  • Auto save feature.
  • Leader board gives the chance to challenge your friends and players worldwide.

2048 Game Tips And Tricks:

  • This is one of game that requires presents of your mind unlike others so you need more concentration on the positions of the tiles in the game.
  • Make sure that the highest numbered tile lies in the one of the four corners and drag the tile towards it.
  • It is not easy as it sounds so pay more concentration on the upcoming tiles and concentrate on the available space.
  • Even though you got bigger numbers if you don’t have enough space then you will stuck.
  • It is better strategy to place the highest numbered tile in the right top corner and applying the above strategy.

2048 is a free app available for Smart phones but you can get this experience using PC by following below instructions.


2048 Game Tips_Techloya


Download and Install 2048 Game for PC:

 Install Bluestacks (Awesome Android Emulator for windows or MAC )

Before going to install 2048 game you need to install BlueStacks on your PC. It enables the installation of Android application on your PC. So you can run any mobile Android applications on you PC. I had already shared complete installation process of the BlueStacks (Check here Bluestacks ).

 After downloading and installing the Bluestacks, you simply search for the 2048 game in the navigation search box there you get 2048 game (search: “ 2048 game “) and hit INSTALL button. Or you can get 2048 game in store(Game section) you simply download it which will automatically installed.

After successfully installing the 2048 game, you need to open it.

Open Bluestacks –> all apps –> 2048 game

 The game will start now, you simply follow the instructions on screen then only you’ll be able to play 2048 game.

Hope you will download 2048 game for PC. By using these tricks you can crack puzzles in this game.


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